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As a brewer you are looking for someone who understands the marketplace and will be a brand ambassador for your beer and wine. Mims Distributing sells and distributes the “best in beer and wine” in North Carolina. We never lose our focus on the brand – or the customer.

We consistently maintain the largest draft tap share in our marketplace, and it grows every quarter. We take pride in bringing new brands to marketplace and doing so in a way that grows their market share, without risking the success of any of our other products.

Success Stories

Anchor Brewing


How we helped...North Carolina’s Research Triangle was one of the first three markets outside California to receive Anchor IPA thanks to our 26-year relationship with the brewer. Anchor previously experienced a nearly 50 percent increase in market share during our partnership with them. We have had three staff members from Anchor travel from California to visit Mims Distributing to meet with our sales team members for on- and off-premise accounts, as well as participate in educational events.

Ales Smith Brew


How we helped...AleSmith of San Diego selected Mims Distributing to launch its brews in the Southeastern United States. We promoted AleSmith in North Carolina during Craft Beer Week and worked with businesses to offer Summer YuleSmith, AleSmith’s immensely popular seasonal double IPA. In just the first 90 days of sales, we put together our third container of AleSmith, which points to our ability to build brands in an extremely rotation-heavy market and area.



How we helped...Mims Distributing increased distribution targets to over 500 new placements, including 100 IPA draft accounts and over 400 package placements. Lagunitas has seen a 76.92% market share increase in their six-year relationship with Mims Distributing. When Lagunitas launched its DayTime IPA, Raleigh was one of only a few markets selected for initial distribution.

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